It is important to realize that the care of a down sleeping bag is very much different than of a one with a synthetic filling.


Small dirt can be washed away with a wet cloth.


We recommend hand wash or selected program in a washing machine that does not exceed 30°C without spin-dry, ideally with detergent selected for products containing down. Avoid using an aggressive detergent that could damage the down.

The sleeping bag can be dried in a dryer in lower temperatures. If you don’t have this option, it is necessary that it is dried horizontally, away from radiating heat. Give it a shake regularly to prevent the down from clumping together. It can take up to one week before it is completely dry. Do not iron nor blend the sleeping bag.

With this complex washing, you rid the sleeping bag not only dirt and odor but you improve it’s qualities as well. Do not overdo it with washing, otherwise, the down could lose its fat that gives ensures elasticity.


If time and conditions allow, it’s always best to let it air out, ideally in the sunshine. To let out the moisture that it gathers overnight.


That’s easy! Simply stuff the sleeping bag into the compression cover. It is better than roll it systematically every time because you don’t strain the same fiber spots over and over again.


After every journey, unpack the sleeping bag and either put it into the storage cover that we provide or simply let it hang by the noose that is on the bottom. The reason is the same, preventing of straining the fiber and structure.